PDC-WM 2018 – Spielformat

All matches are played in sets, and every set is best of five legs. Put simply, the first player to win three legs in a set wins that set. The opening matches in the preliminary round of the competition are best of three sets. From then on, the format is as follows:

Round One – Best of five sets

Round Two – Best of seven sets

Last 16 – Best of seven sets

Quarter-finals – Best of nine sets

Semi-finals – Best of 11 sets

Final – Best of 13 sets

There is an important difference in how these games are decided as opposed to the preliminary round, which is the tie break. If the game goes to a deciding set, and that set is level at two legs each, the game will continue until a player wins by two clear legs. However, if the score reaches 5-5 in the final set, a sudden death leg is played. In the preliminary round, all sets are played as best of five, even the third set.

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